Signs Your Car Needs Engine Repair

If the expense of a long-term VSC isn’t financially plausible for your customer, Drive America’s Repair Assistance is a great alternative. This benefit provides your customer with technician and advocate support to ensure they aren’t overpaying for repairs. If paying for the repair isn’t in your customer’s budget, Drive America gives them the opportunity to obtain a repair loan to cover the difference or apply for a Drive America credit card.


Repair help is just a phone call away with Drive America’s Repair Specialist team. This group of certified mechanics is available to answer any questions your customers may have about vehicle repairs. And even better, they will speak directly to repair shops to make sure your customers are getting the repair they need at the best price so they and their loved ones can get safely back on the road.

Your customers can reach out and have the Repair Specialist:

  • Answer questions relating to vehicle service and maintenance schedules, recall notices and service bulletins
  • Diagnose what issues may be afflicting the vehicle
  • Obtain pricing for new or replacement parts for a variety of items

If the vehicle has a mechanical failure and repairs are necessary, the Repair Specialist can:

  • Suggest a qualified repair facility
  • Speak with the service repair facility to determine
    • The vehicle is being properly diagnosed
    • The repair facility’s estimated cost to repair the vehicle is fair
    • Given the nature of the repair, it is the right type of repair facility

The vehicle repair discount helps your customers save on the cost of necessary repairs to their vehicle. They can save up to 50% (up to $500.00 per occurrence and a total of $2,000) during any continuous 12-month period.


When a vehicle repair is necessary, vehicle owners worry about being able to afford their monthly loan payment. Repair Banc may be just the solution! Repair Banc gives your  customers the opportunity to completely refinance their loan, rolling in the repair cost or repair coverage.

Repair Banc allows your customer to refinance their vehicle:
• Giving them additional disposable income
• To include repair coverage or repair cost in their monthly vehicle loan payment

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