Ancillary Products

Door Ding Repair
This process was developed by the vehicle manufacturing community, using specialized hand tools to
gently push the metal back to its original form without harming the vehicle’s factory paint.

Repairable areas include the exterior vertical body panels.

Windshield Repair
Covers windshield stars and cracks.
Size is limited and not to exceed two inches in length or diameter.

It the windshield needs replacement because a repair wouldn’t allow it to function safely, the contract holder would need to contact their insurance for replacement. Drive America will pay a benefit equal to the contract holders insurance deductible (for windshield replacement claim only) up to $250.

Interior accidental scratches, scuffs and tears that are on leather and cloth seats, door panels and armrests.
Size is limited and not to exceed one inch in diameter or three inches in length.

Paint touch up repair tor scuffs, scratches and minor scrapes.
Size is limited and not to exceed five inches.
All repairs are to be considered non-body shop and require the use of specialized reconditioning airbrush or airless pray tools.
Repairable areas include exterior metallic vertical body panels.

Tire Hazard Protection
Provides reimbursement or replacement when damage is caused by a Road Hazard a public roadway.

Wheel Cosmetic Protection
Minor cosmetic scuffs and scratches that are repairable.
Limited 10 one repair per wheel, two wheels per claim, and not to exceed tour repairs during the contract term.
Damage is limited to repairable cosmetic surface damage only.

Key Fob Repair/Replace
Covers defects in material and damages associated with normal wear and tear.
Covers the repair of the Key Fob or otters an OEM replacement it not repairable.
In the event the Key Fob is lost, stolen or destroyed, Drive America will provide an OEM or aftermarket equivalent as a replacement.
Coverage is limited to only the Keys Fobs that are provided at the time of vehicle sale.
Key Fob replacement benefit is limited to one Key Fob per 12-rnonth period within the initial 3-par contract term.

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